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February 10, 2015 / kathrynllewellyn

Let’s show the warm heart of Africa, that we have warm hearts too

Malawi has suffered its greatest disaster for over 50 years. Over a million people have lost their homes, or livelihoods or both. Only a third of the aid needed to stop children dying, people starving and disease taking hold has reached the country.

Why is their plight not worthy of the headlines? The global charity I lead does not really engage in media or emergency relief work, so I’ve been sat back waiting to see the headlines and money roll in for the Malawian people. Neither have come and so we have adapted and are now providing emergency relief and here I am trying to get Malawi in the headlines.

I know that we have all been inundated by asks over the past year, with horrific scenes in Syria and the devastating Ebola rightly taking the headlines, but we cannot turn away now because we feel we have done our bit. We cannot say we’ve had enough of seeing scenes like this, when women and children in Malawi are living a nightmare. They can’t just turn away and neither should we.

At the beginning of this year, women in Malawi struggled to protect their children from the torrents of water that crashed through their villages. As they escaped with just the clothes they wore, dragging sleepy children behind them, their entire lives were washed away. Imagine losing everything and having no one there to help. Most of us can’t imagine it, as it would never be our reality. When there are floods, the Army and emergency services move in to help. Food parcels would be deployed, rescue boats would deliver supplies. No one would die of hunger, malaria or cholera, from dirty water, in the UK.

I have recently had a daughter who is now 6 months old. I don’t leave the house without a suitcase full of kit. I see these women with small babies and young children, with nothing. No food, no water, no nappies and no protection. They are powerless to change their situation: well I’m not powerless and neither are you.

I am unashamedly asking you for you to help, because no one else is. Please, give what you can and share this and our news pages with your friends and relatives. Don’t turn away. Share this post and please give what you can to the warm heart of Africa. To donate £5 text CONCERN to 70500 (UK only) or visit


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  1. trinijax / Feb 11 2015 1:35 am

    Hey Kathryn I will share this with Simon and his best friend Neil. They lived and worked in Malawi for two years.

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